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To facilitate hassle free and easy admission to Rama Engineering colleges, we have made the application process extremely user friendly. There are two methods to apply:

Method 1: You can download the application form (Link) and forward it to the Admission desk along with the following things: 

  • Copies of your official high school/college transcripts -1 each
  • Letters of recommendation (one from a science professor) -2
  • Personal statement -1
  • Passport size Photos -3

Method 2:  You can also visit the campus and directly apply by just buying the prospectus and the form for a nominal fee and once you have submitted the application form along with the required documents. 

It normally takes us just 7 days to respond to applications; upon processing the application we get in touch with successful students. 

Admission Desk

Contact persons:

                  Ekta Mishra                                            
                  0512-2780891/92 EXT. 210                                

Postal Address    

Mandhana Campus
Rama City, G.T. Road, 
Near Mandhana Railway Station, 
Kanpur-209 217 
Ph: 0512-2780891, 2780892, 2780893
E-mail : riet@ramagroup.in